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Six TL5B Mori-Seiki Machines
SL35-b Mori-Seiki Machines
Two 6" Ajax Upsetters with Pillar Induction Heaters.
4" Ajax Upsetters with Pillar Induction Heaters.
Pillar Induction Units For Normalizing.
Quench and temper
Pillar Induction Units for Quench and Temper Operations.

Two SL8B Mori-Seiki
SL8C Mori-Seiki
SL6B Mori-Seiki
SL7B Mori-Seiki
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Looking To the Future
As the new millennium begins, we are ever grateful to our customers who helped make Tubular Services one of the largest independent end finishers in the United States. TSLP's management team has made the commitment to achieve the quality services and end finishing that our customers demand and deserve in the years ahead.
Tubular Services Total Solution

Tubular Services (TSLP) is the premier independent OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) processor in the Southwest. TSLP processes tubing and casing ranging from 1.315" to 13 3/8" O.D. At TSLP we are always searching for methods to improve our services to our customers and to improve productivity in every phase of our operations. Our attention to specific customers needs and providing quality OCTG end finishing service has earned Tubular Services an unsurpassed reputation in the end finishing industry.

Serving you better is our objective and our efforts are to insure that you can depend on us to meet your needs on every order -- every time. TSLP's goal is to update and maintain our plan and equipment to the latest industry standards. We invite you to visit our facilities to receive a first hand tour of the many improvements made to the physical plant.

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